The Ultimate Bank Robbery - How Fintech Startups are Killing Highstreet Banks

Philip Bonhard

Lloyds Banking Group



Banks used to rule the financial services industry with as huge institutions, heavily regulated behemoths that no small company could compete with.

Technology and updated regulations (open banking) have levelled the playing field allowing fintech startups to take on traditional highstreet banks.

Companies like Monzo, Atom or Starling Bank are acquiring customers by the thousands offering a more seamless digital customer experience.  High Street banks are struggling to compete with their nimble competitors who pivot to meet customer needs rather than trying to sell traditional banking products.

This talk will show you what that looks like now and in the near future and discuss what traditional banks need to do to stay relevant.

Phil Bonhard is a Customer Experience / UX Designer who has worked in academia, big consulting firms, banks and run his own design agency. He's passionate about designing products / services that make people's lives better.  Other than that he likes to build stuff for his two daughters and tinker with his raspberry pie / arduino boards with the occasional Lego thrown in. He strongly believes that building stuff is more important than describing it.