Pull them into the game

Petr Pouchlý

Court of Moravia



A lot of great web solutions for retailers, business management, and customer centers are too complex. As a result, people in the organization won’t use them, so they don’t see their benefits. Instead of a long-term contract, an embarrassing annual fight with disillusionment is what awaits retailers. Because despite good UI and UX, in the end, it’s the technical part that remains. Game designers think differently, and thanks to the good principles that pull players into learning from the first screen, the gaming industry is the current leader in show business. Pull users into the game with your solution and you’ll see the difference on your invoices for yourself. 

Creative, designer, and gamification evangelist. He blends 13 years of experience from the world of multinational corporations, where he worked as a direct laborer of capitalism, mentoring small businesses and nonprofit projects, and leading liberal companies. He’s taken the best from around the world for community building, team leadership, and achieving positive change. He’s crazy enough to keep in touch with Generation Y and patient enough to be able to translate there needs to older generations.