What Language Does Your Product Really Speak?

Sagit Siegal

Thomson Reuters



When English is a Second Language and its Effect on User Experience

How great is the impact on performance when the user interface is not in the user’s native language?

At Thomson Reuters, they found that non-native English speakers encounter difficulties using English interfaces. These difficulties are expressed as usage patterns such as skipping or ignoring features, free interpretation, and more. In the course of their research, they identified language-related usability issues and adapted these solutions for our global products.

Sagit will share their findings, possible causes of problems, and solutions that you can implement immediately to improve your users’ experience.


Sagit Siegal has been practising UX for over 18 years and is now leading the UX team in Thomson Reuters Israel. She works with teams across the globe, bringing complex ideas and data-driven technologies (like Natural Language Processing, Big Data and Machine Learning) to professionals around the world.
Sagit takes teams through the whole UX process - from research to mockups through testing to final beautiful designed products – thus making innovative ideas become real accessible tools and products.