Why to use Elm on your next project?

Tomáš Metz

CN Group



Elm is a new functional language for development of web front-end applications. It has been created in year 2014 by Evan Czaplicki as a part of his doctor thesis, when working for Google by the Gmail team. The main motto of Elm is “Make the web development fun again”. Elm is also not just a language, but the whole ecosystem with libraries and support tools. Elm is also about clear application architecture. And finally, Elm is about controlled side effects. Come to see, what Elm gives you for more efficient development and reliable application run.

Tom has worked with many different languages and platforms during past years, from more or less standard stacks at Java platform, Ruby on Rails, Python/Djago, Groovy on Rails, Clojure and ClojureScript, NodeJS, Angular, React and currently Elm. Working on a project, his major concern is at good design and automated testability. Tom is a big advocate of TDD, BDD and agile methodologies. His role in CN Group is not only on the project work, but he’s also responsible for education and mentoring of students and younger colleagues, which belongs to he most beloved and fun part of his work.