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Saskia Videler

The Dutchess



You might not realise it, but as makers of digital products, websites and services we have a huge impact on society, consumerism and how people perceive the world. It’s surprisingly easy it is to alienate people from your product, or even hurt their feelings, by making biased content and design choices. This talk is about the ethical and the commercial aspects of that issue. Both aspects influence each other and are not to be underestimated. 

Saskia will bring compelling examples of content and design gone wrong, and of some done really well. She’ll leave you with some practical ideas on how to check your content for bias. 

Saskia Videler is a senior content strategist, working as a consultant for various organisations. She aims to make the web a better place for all. Her focus is on creating products that help users fulfil their tasks easily and smoothly, with content that has the exact right voice & tone, without excluding or hurting anyone. She also creates and hosts the monthly content and UX podcast Efficiently Effective.