Shortening the feedback loop, or how to avoid software development problems

Ondřej Mirtes



Software development is a challenging discipline, full of many pitfalls. That’s why a number of companies (most likely the majority of them) face problems with it. Bugs that adversely affect users, technological debt, the length of time needed to take an idea to market, or creating applications and features that no one wants. So how can you break out of this cycle? I will introduce a set of procedures, which allow you to quickly learn from previous mistakes and not repeat them. The key is the so-called feedback loop, or the way in which a whole business gets feedback as quickly as possible from customers and stakeholders, as well as from employees and technology. You will start off on a long and challenging transformative journey, but at the end, you will be able to develop and quickly deliver high-quality software, which no longer suffers from the previously mentioned problems. 

Ondřej works as the CTO at, moving between product and software development. He enjoys quality assurance and the most common deployment of innovations for users. He shares his experience at conferences across Europe, offers his expertise as a consultant, and organizes trainings.