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Webexpo 2018 workshops

Deepen your knowledge and strengthen your professional skills at this year’s free and premium workshops run by top speakers from around the world.


Post-fact Marketing

Susan Lindner

CEO @ Emerging Media

Workshop premium

This workshop can be described in 2 words: NO BULLSHIT! Susan Linder, CEO & Founder of Emerging Media, will give you hands-on, creative tips and procedures for building a successful PR plan—without an expensive PR agency or huge budgets. Who should be sure not to miss it? Startups, CEOs, and CMOs of small companies. Don't worry, she won't waste your time with the same old advice you've heard a thousand times that press releases are dead. But you will get a looong to-do list of PR activities that you can start working through right away. This unbelievably practical PR lady will show you all her best tricks.

Sold Out

Machine Brains

Pamela Pavliscak

Founder @ Change Sciences

Workshop premium
Emotionally Intelligent Design

The technology we are developing doesn’t know how we feel, if we have a good or a bad day. As technology becomes deeply integrated into every aspect of our daily lives, people expect more emotionally intelligent interactions. A future with feelings is as vital to our well-being as it is to business success. Pamela Pavliscak, Founder at Change Sciences, will show you how to prototype emotionally intelligent technology in a hands-on session. You’ll explore new ways to design with feeling including techniques to understand emotion in greater depth, patterns that cultivate an emotionally sustainable relationship, and how to shape bot personalities that are emotionally intelligent (and when not to).

Sold Out

Creative Developers

Ladislav Prskavec

Senior Manager Software Development @ Apiary


Creative Developers

Standa Opichal

Software Architect @ Apiary

Control drone using your computer

This workshop is for developers using their code in Golang or NodeJS to control DJI Tello drone. Workshop is designed for complete beginners with drones not with programming language. Is good to have Golang or NodeJS installed on your laptop. We will make a few exercises to fly with drone using computer. Bring your computer and microUSB cabel.


Workplace Toolbox

Paolo Lacche

Principal @

OKRs in real life: for startups and enterprises who want to do the right thing

The workshop will be about OKRs, Objective and Key Results, and their growing importance for startup Cofounders, Product Managers and Executives. We will walk through the key concepts of OKRs and we will also touch how they apply to Strategy, Product Discovery and Roadmaps. There will be a chance of bringing up real-world examples from startups and corporate teams, as well writing and testing the OKRs of all the teams participating in the workshop.


Post-fact Marketing

Bohumil Pokštefl

CEO @ Kontentino

How to create social content and ads just like an advertising agency

At his workshop, Bohumil will teach you how to create social media content the right way. He'll also be sharing the best way to create a content plan and how advertising agencies do it! You'll get to try everything yourself and get immediate feedback, so bring your laptop with you!


Visual Inventions

Jan Charvát

Freelancer @

Introduction to variable fonts – tips and techniques for better and faster web

Variable fonts give designers and coders more freedom, but also more responsibility. Be prepared for the landing of new technology. Jan will give you step by step guide how to get, setup and use this new font format. With little added effort, you can get better typography and even save up some time. Don't forget to bring your laptop!


Design Thinking

Mattia Compagnucci

co-founder @ Fattelo

What’s in it for me, Adobe XD?

2018 looks like a showdown year for design and prototyping systems and presumably sometime soon there will be a handful remaining go-to solutions for digital design professionals amidst the vast array of offerings on the market today (last time we stopped counting there were round about 60…)