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Benedikt Kotmel

Benedikt Kotmel

Head of Data platform

Operátor ICT


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10:00 - 10:20
Marble Hall

Talk Focus


Data design in Public sector

NOTE: Live Q&A will take place here.

People don’t make decisions based on public data. Moreover, they often can’t understand it. It’s necessary to remember that people make decisions based on emotions, even when designing open data. Governmental statistics are incomprehensible for ordinary citizens. They react to stories. Therefore, even though there is more open data than ever, there is no growing trust in the state. This talk offers alternative data approaches that could help the government gain trust from the public — and why, despite everything, it usually doesn't take these paths.

Benedikt Kotmel

Benedikt leads Prague’s groundbreaking project Data Platform Golemio. He has a background in IT and management consulting, but his main goals today are creating a community around open data and connecting users with owners of public data. Benedikt has won a number of awards for his contributions to the field of open data and transparency. Benedikt was also awarded the Křišťálová Lupa prize for promoting open data.


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