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Liga Letina

Liga Letina

UX & Service Designer


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11:00 - 11:40
Lucerna Great Hall

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Transforming the status quo - Bringing in UX & Service Design in a conservative organisation

Some companies are naturally user-centric, where experience is part of their DNA and culture. But if you’ve accepted the challenge of working on a UX, digital transformation, or service design project for a company that isn’t — what can you do to change the status quo of well-established business processes? Liga will share both her personal success and failures with integrating UX, service design, and customer centricity practices to an insurance company. By the end of this talk, you should be armed with key change management strategies and inspiration for changing the mindset of your project stakeholders—or even an entire organisation. 

Liga Letina

Liga Letina is a UX and service designer, design manager, mentor, tutor, and creative workshop facilitator with more than 12 years experience.

Currently, Liga is the Head of the New initiatives unit at  "If P&C insurance, a leading insurance company in the Baltics and Nordic countries, where she leads engineering and design teams working on global and group-wide initiatives and projects. Her responsibilities include promoting user centricity and design processes in organisations and creating a stronger design synergy with classic business and IT processes.

Before joining If P&C Insurance,  Liga worked as a UX and service designer focused on solving complex challenges in fintech, banking, the public sector, education and healthcare. 


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