Deployment of PHP applications

Jan Mittner

Development Room, fri 23rd sep 11:00
30 min., cs

automated deployment, phing, dbdeploy, subversion, php

Are you a freelancer or small company? Do you develop and update many websites or web applications? Still deploying your PHP applications via FTP? Not sure how to implement database migration?

Come and listen how you can solve automated deployment of PHP applications, including database migrations, different configurations for each runtime environment, notification to team members and customers, supporting a simple rollback and especially - with the elimination of risk of human error. And all this with just pressing one button.


Jan Mittner

Owner of Vergilio, founder of

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Jan Mittner is a founder and manager of Vergilio, Jí and Currenly he is also a Ph.D. student at the Department of Information Technologies at University of Economics in Prague where he teaches students how to develop high quality web applications using Zend Framework. Occasionally, he teaches this framework in various companies.
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