Agenda – Saturday 24th Sep

Development Hall RB101 Mobile Room NB D UX Hall Vencovského aula Business Hall Likešova aula

Opening at 9:00

Have a chat at fine breakfast.

Pavel Campr,
Jiří Praus

► Symfony 2

30 min., cs › en

Introduction to Symfony 2

Rasmus Lerdorf

► PHP in 2011

60 min., en › cs

Radek Pavlíček,
Roman Kabelka

► Accessibility's not dead!

30 min., cs

accesibility, ipad, android, touch, blind

Michal Šrajer

► Native apps for smartphones

30 min., cs

native, smartphone, apps, development

Martin Michálek

► Practical mobile Web design

30 min., cs

mobile web, front-end, css, smartphones

Štěpán Doubrava

► So you want to create personas?

30 min., cs › en

personas, research

Adam Fendrych

► You are the information architect!

30 min., cs › en

ia, design

Petr Kosnar

► Decide about the decisions of others

30 min., cs › en

decision making, judgment, psychology, user-centered design, behaviour in uncertainty

Olda Neuberger

► Czech global web startups

15 min., cs › en

Michal Juhas

► Presentation of Bookfan

15 min., cs › en

Mirek Burkon

► Presentation of

15 min., cs › en

branding, creativity, global, startup

Lukáš Nevosád

► Presentation of

15 min., cs › en


Zdeněk Cendra

► The experience of the winner of Startup Show 2010: What we did wrong with our startup?

30 min., cs › en

Discuss with speakers in the rooms:
RB116 RB115 RB114 RB113

Michal Špaček

► Caching strategies

30 min., cs › en


Zdeněk Farana

► Scala - language of the future

50 min., cs › en

Miroslav Juhos,
Martin Pořádek

► Sencha Touch

30 min., cs

javascript, extjs, mobile, green color

Borek Bernard

► Flex > iOS/Android

30 min., cs

Martin Pospíšil,
Zdeněk Košťál

► Size matters

30 min., cs

layout, viewport, design, beauty, print, stereotypes

Jan Šrůtek

► Communicating and Selling UX Design Deliverables

30 min., cs › en

deliverables design, communicating design, guidelines, frameworks

Jiri Mocicka

► Design as storytelling

40 min., cs › en

Vojtěch Ciml,
Michal Blaha,
Hubert Palan

► Silicon Valley's Experience

60 min., cs › en

startupy, inkubátory, akcelerátory, podnikání, investování


Startup Demo Pit

Bookfan OpenBrand Tripomatic

Karel Minařík,
Lukáš Vlček

ElasticSearch: Beyond Basic Fulltext Search

60 min., cs › en

full-text, search, Lucene, noSQL, JSON, RESTful

Petra Vetrovska

► Mobilize your adverts. Attack through your smartphone!

30 min., cs

adsense for mobile, admob, click-to-call, mobile advertising, applications promotion, adwords, smartphones

Dave Ruzius

► Developing loveable mobile services; a tale of two socks

30 min., en

mobile, business, product management, case study

Jan Řezáč

► Add eggs

30 min., cs › en

content strategy, copywriting, webdesign

Martin Kopta

► Content Strategy: What I'd do differently now

30 min., cs › en

content strategy,

Dan Martell

► Lean Product Development: Hustlin' for Traction

60 min., en › cs

Discuss with speakers in the rooms:
RB116 RB115 RB114 RB113

Honza Král

► Practical Testing

45 min., cs › en

Jakub Vrána


45 min., cs › en

ajax, performance

Richard Fridrich

► 5x*, * and */5

40 min., sk › en

reputation systems

Vitaly Friedman

► The Invisible Side of Design

50 min., en › cs

design, ux, copywriting, storytelling

John Vanhara,
Ondřej Raška,
David Špinar

► Finals of Startup Show 2011

50 min., cs › en

one million crowns prize, contest, startups, pitches

John Vanhara,
Ondřej Raška,
David Špinar

► Discussion: What's the right time and right price when you want to sell the company?

40 min., cs › en

Discuss with speakers in the rooms:
RB116 RB115 RB114 RB113

Jakub Vrána,
Roman Pichlík,
Jiří Fabián,
Honza Král

► CZ Podcast #54 - s Jakubem Vránou (Facebook) a Honzou Králem (Whiskey Media) o práci v zahraničí

75 min., cs › en

podcast, work, employment

Václav Stoupa

Closing Notes of WebExpo Prague 2011

15 min., cs › en

WebExpo, innovation cluster, vision & mission

Peter Boersma

► Power Up - Your Influence on Non-Design Deliverables

60 min., en › cs

deliverables design, communicating design

John Vanhara

Entrepreneurship in the USA

75 min., cs › en

Winston Open Air Party

Unconventional dinner at the Winston Churchill Square (the park in front of VŠE).
Order a pizza by PIZZA TIME from Gialrossa Pizzeria using an iPhone app or through the web for just 100 CZK!
Don't forget to pay for the Pizza at the registration place at the conference.

How to order the pizza

Closing party

Only the good ones will end up in Heaven!

Address: V celnici 4, Prague 1 (Map)
That's 10 minutes from VŠE on foot.

See you next year! ♥