Communicating and Selling UX Design Deliverables

Jan Šrůtek

UX Hall, sat 24th sep 12:00
30 min., cs › en

deliverables design, communicating design, guidelines, frameworks

Design professionals frequently present their outputs to colleagues or clients. The extra challenge for user experience designers is that our outputs tend to be largely only conceptual and abstract. Most often, we are selling mere ideas. Therefore, it is essential we communicate these ideas and the underlying design rationale effectively - both in documents and in-person.

This session will aim to address these challenges by discussing guidelines and presentation frameworks for communicating design work. Next, we will look at typical UX design deliverables – personas, wireframes, and sitemaps, to illustrate how they could be improved by drawing on classic visual and information design principles.

This is a practical 'How to' session that will arm you with processes and methods that should allow you to sell your designs better.


Jan Šrůtek

NoneFlow Interactive/Foolproof

Twitter, LinkedIn

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