You are the information architect!

Adam Fendrych

UX Hall, sat 24th sep 10:30
30 min., cs › en

ia, design

Would you design a house people would live in? No? And how about a website? Well yes of course, that is what we do!

A website is no different from a house. Both need solid foundations and structure. Every time you build a website, you become an information architect. Sadly, you may not be aware of it.

Information architecture is a part of every website. Mostly, it just happens to be there.

I will tell you what information architecture is so that you know when you are doing it. And I will help you avoid the most common mistakes an unexperienced information architect may do.


Adam Fendrych

UX Specialist, Dobrý web

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"Websites for the people" is Adam's motto. His job is to never make you feel stupid when working with a website. Adam is not afraid to get his hands dirty and dig into all layers of user experience - user research, information architecture, interaction design and testing.
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