Symfony 2

Pavel Campr, Jiří Praus

Development Hall, sat 24th sep 10:00
30 min., cs › en

Introduction to Symfony 2

The new version of the Symfony framework is already out. Come with us and let us examine how to use Symfony 2 to effectively build Web applications.

In the first part of the talk we will focus on the differences between the previous and new version, and new framework architecture will be introduced. After that, unique components and features of the framework will be presented. As all the components are completely standalone and decoupled, this talk can be useful even for developers who use some other PHP frameworks.

Visit our lecture and learn about the new Symfony.


Pavel Campr

Senior Developer, BARTON STUDIO

Twitter, LinkedIn,

I work as a senior programmer in BARTON STUDIO and I'm a PhD student at the Department of Cybernetics in Pilsen - with focus on artificial intelligence and computer vision. I'm long-time Symfony framework user.

Jiří Praus

team leader + web developer, BARTON STUDIO

I'm a long-time programmer on Symfony framework and I lead a team of programmers in BARTON STUDIO. I am interested in new technologies, especially from the world of Symfony and Doctrine.
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