ElasticSearch: Beyond Basic Fulltext Search

Karel Minařík, Lukáš Vlček

Development Hall, sat 24th sep 14:30
60 min., cs › en

full-text, search, Lucene, noSQL, JSON, RESTful

ElasticSearch is a modern full-text search engine and schema-free database, based on Apache Lucene, communicating by JSON over RESTful HTTP with advanced distributed features for high-availability and scalability. Karel Minařík will provide a short introduction into the general concepts of full-text search, using search engines for data aggregation, and will walk you through concrete examples of using and integrating ElasticSearch in modern web applications. Lukáš Vlček will focus on the distributed, elastic nature of the ElasticSearch cluster and its visualization, as well as demonstrate advanced ElasticSearch features in a web application for searching and browsing e-mail, implemented in JavaScript.

Karel Minařík

Web Development Mercenary, Freelance

Twitter, LinkedIn, www.karmi.cz

Karel Minařík is a freelance web application architect, designer and developer.

He is one of the Ruby, Rails, Git and CouchDB evangelists in Czech Republic.

He lives in Prague with his wife and two daughters. More info can be found at his website: karmi.cz.

Lukáš Vlček

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Twitter, LinkedIn

I started my career as a graphic designer and web developer but I was eventually grabbed by Java and server side coding. I spent many years developing applications for world wide organisations, but after all, my growing passion about Java open source brought me to JBoss in 2009 and my second passion for full-text search led me to joining JBoss community team in June 2010. My responsibility (calling would be a better word) is to improve full text search for the jboss.org web site and make it really rock!
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