Caching strategies

Michal Špaček

Development Hall, sat 24th sep 12:00
30 min., cs › en


A common request sent from your web browser to a web server goes quite a long way and it can take a great deal of time until the data your browser can display are fetched back. I will talk about making this great deal of time significantly less great by caching things on different levels, starting with client-side caching for faster display and minimizing transferred data, storing results of already performed operations and computations and finishing with lowering the load of database servers by caching result sets. Cache expiration and invalidation is the hardest part so I will cover that too. Presentation will be focused mainly on PHP, but most of the principles are quite general work elsewhere too.


Michal Špaček

Lead Developer, Skype

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If you meet me and ask me to take a small professional look back, after a while of thinking if it's not meant literally I'll probably tell you that I see four years of being a senior PHP web developer in Skype (mostly payment systems and Skype Manager and Account applications), more than ten years of trying to understand what's going on in PHP and thirty years of my life (according to my ID card).
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