Mobilize your adverts. Attack through your smartphone!

Petra Vetrovska

Mobile Room, sat 24th sep 14:30
30 min., cs

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The number of mobile phones is rising and for a long time there have been more of them than computers. Accessing the Internet using a smartphone is now easy and it is only a matter of time before everyone will have their own smartphone and will use it in a "smart" way. People have their mobiles with them all the time, and so there are endless opportunities to reach them through adverts. For Amazon sales, 3 % are through mobile phones. Do you want to advertise on smartphones?

As you may well guess, the speech will revolve around mobile advertising through search engines. It will focus on the different search methods used on mobile phones, the price and the use of a special extension for mobiles: Click-to-Call.

The advertising networks AdSense for mobile and AdMob will also be covered, and their use with text, graphics and interactive formats.

And if you wonder how to use AdWords to promote the downloading of Android applications directly onto mobile phones, so does the state!

(+ some interesting numbers included)


Petra Vetrovska

PPC strategist, H1CZ

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PPC Strategist at, an internet marketing agency for medium and large companies. helps its clients build brand awareness and improves the performance of their businesses through their websites. It provides a complex set of services including web usability, SEO, online advertising and social media marketing, and regularly organizes professional training on these topics.

Petra has been involved professionally in online marketing for seven years; she has worked for media and other specialized agencies. She lectures and writes for professional media. She shares her experiences and opinions irregularly on the blog

Interested in travel, gastronomy and photography. Loves Google, Apple and Foursquare.

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