Accessibility's not dead!

Radek Pavlíček, Roman Kabelka

Mobile Room, sat 24th sep 10:00
30 min., cs

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Radek Pavlíček

Accessibility guru, Blind Friendly Web

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Radek has been actively engaged in accessibility since 2000 with the Blind Friendly Web project. He is the author of Blind Friendly Web methodology and co-author of Czech accessibility rules for government web sites. He also writes about accessibility on his POSLEPU (blin­dfolded)– blog – currently the only regularly updated source about accessibility in Czech. He writes occasionally for the Zdroják magazine and other periodicals.

Radek is working for the nonprofit TyfloCentrum Brno. His main job is managing a department that provides a number of special services in the field of computer technology to people with severe visual impairment.

Roman Kabelka

Accessibility tester and tutor, Blind Friendly Web

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Roman has been actively engaged in accessibility with the Blind Friendly Web project for four years. Indeed, his experience extends into time more than ten years ago, when he often experienced with accessibility issues and he tried to explore ways of fixing them. Moreover he has been engaged in lecturing in TyfloCentrum Brno focused on teaching visually impaired users how to use special assistive technologies based on PC for. Following this activity he tests devices for practical use as an assistive technology. Since last year his attention has been mainly focused on testing the universal design of Apple products. Results of his work are publishing mainly on POSLEPU blog.
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