We overwrite Czech Internet. You will be assimilated

“Copywriters, consultants and other workers of the internet, do you know how to deal with the clients from hell and SEO charlatans?”

Business Hall 30 min


  • What is it about?

    Pavel: We'll talk about the good and the bad copy, SEO changes and I'll answer you the question: "Why people do not buy at my place, even if I have a lots of content and publish 30 posts a month?"

  • What will the visitors get from it?

    Pavel: All the attenders know how to create good content, to be useful for the SEO as well as for the business support and the visitors. They'll find out what definitely not to do. And, above all, how to build up the Enterprise.

  • For whom it is?

    Pavel: We're no snobs - websites owners, startup founders, consultants, copywriters - they're all welcome. The Business Hall seats are comfy, so everybody's invited.

  • What do I presently work at?

    Pavel: I work as the SEO consultant at H1.cz where I do lectures about the SEO. I try not to get digested by the corporate marketing spere. I enjoy the online marketing and the internet in general, especially the internet browsers and social networks experiments. I often realize my potential in the project management and the small web production. I like to write on several of my weblogs and on other places.

  • Which of my existing achievements do I value the most?

    Pavel: The journey from the social staff to the SEO consultant at H1.cz.

  • What would I like to achieve?

    Pavel: I want to be like Marek Prokop. Just a bit younger and beardless.

  • What do I look forward to at the WebExpo?

    Pavel: Cakes and wine. Awesome talks. Brilliant hosts. Excellent snacks. Splendid attenders. Patient and helpful promoter.

Pavel Ungr

SEO Consultant H1.cz