Free Workshop: How to create and deploy your Nuxt website on Jamstack architecture

Presented by:
Alba Silvente Fuentes
Samuel Snopko

Talk focus:


Talk details:

Workshop summary

Do you want to know a new architecture to create optimised websites quickly and securely? You’ll love this workshop. Samuel and Alba will show you how to use Nuxt 3 Static Site Generation (SSG) to create a static website with Storyblok v2, a headless CMS that makes creating content for your website easier. In just a couple of hours, you’ll build a functional website for your portfolio and gain all the tools you need to create future projects in the Jamstack ecosystem. Are you ready to unlock this skill?

What will the attendees learn?

Attendees will learn how to create a static website using Nuxt 3 in combination with Storyblok v2, a headless CMS. They will learn what Jamstack is and the advantages of using this architecture, how to deploy and host a Jamstack website, and how to dynamize the creation of content in a blog with new technologies.

Who is the workshop for?

Anyone who wants to learn about new web trends, static site generators, headless CMS, or how to create a web portfolio/blog.

What are the attendee requirements?

You must have a computer to code along. Have Node.js and git installed in your OS. Basic JavaScript, git knowledge.

April 19, 2023 11:00 am
Session duration:
1 hour 50 minutes
Café Breakout Room

About your presenters:

Alba Silvente Fuentes profile image
Alba Silvente Fuentes
Developer Relations Engineer @Storyblok

Alba Silvente (aka Dawntraoz) is a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. She likes writing about front-end development on her blog, speaking at conferences, hosting a podcast, and working hard on the open-source community. She is also a GoogleDevExpert in Web Technologies and a Nuxt & Women Techmaker ambassador.

Samuel Snopko profile image
Samuel Snopko
Head of Product & DevRel @Storyblok

Samuel is responsible for the developer relations at Storyblok. As the headless system's head of Devrel, he spends most of his time buried in the documentation and creating various experiments and demos. He always defines himself as a Creative FrontEnd Knight and DesignOps enthusiast with a passion for JAMStack and the beautiful web. As a determined community believer, he has co-created multiple meetups and is always happy to help any community in need.

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