The importance of a visual designer in the era of new creativity

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Petr Parkan Janda

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If you have visual designers in your product team or company, feel free to skip the talk and get something good to eat instead. But if you don’t, you won’t want to miss this talk.

We’re at a moment in time when digital products have industrialised nearly everywhere in the world. The terms “agile” and “user-centric” have almost become an ISO standard, and companies and their products are all beautiful lookalike toothpastes. These are the moments when cultural movements are sparked and roles are flipped on their head.

In this talk, rediscover the importance of a visual designer, who will help you to fight the sea of sameness and navigate the change. OK, Creativity.

April 20, 2023 3:20 pm
Session duration:
20 minutes
Marble Hall

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Petr Parkan Janda profile image
Petr Parkan Janda
Executive Director, Studio Lead @Accenture Song

Petr was once a nerdy kiddo nobody wanted to play with. But his passion for experiments with moving images, design and technology, plus his sense of humour, eventually landed him the position of leading 80+ people at the digital agency Accenture Song. His strength is design, and he sucks at cooking and team sports. Together with his team, they are helping global automotive clients remain relevant through digital products and stay sane while doing it.

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