One to rule them all: How to scale your design system like the roman empire

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Laura Fehre

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How can the Roman Empire and the way they built their cities inspire you to create a design system infrastructure that will make your team rise?

From a nascent design system with just one brave resident to an empire, Laura will show you how using tools can empower a limited workforce even before you start scaling up. If you’ve ever wondered why and how creating a community around your design system in the early stages is crucial for your success, how to get buy-in from leadership, or how to build an infrastructure that lasts as long as Rome’s famous roads, this is the talk for you.

April 20, 2023 5:00 pm
Session duration:
20 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

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Laura Fehre profile image
Laura Fehre
DesOps & Design System Lead @Mews

Laura Fehre is a DesOps & Design System Lead at Mews. Her passion for design systems and user experience has helped her build global processes, tools, and communication that brings different disciplines closer together. She sees design operations as a secret superpower that enables teams to collaborate smoothly through scale.

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