Product & Research as partners in crime

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Romana Trusinová
Michal Pour

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Product managers shouldn’t be research sponsors waiting for researchers to produce results. Nor should researchers expect product managers to do all the work themselves. Nor do we expect researchers to be pure theorists mentoring product managers to do all the work themselves. So what’s our approach to maximise research value for product teams? Introducing, sensitive research democratisation.

In this talk, Michal and Romana will share some product discovery case studies from Heureka. You can expect to hear about user interviews, usability testing, AB testing, fake door testing, and stakeholder interviews…but the heart of this story is the impact when product and research teams collaborate and valuable tips for cooperating effectively.

April 20, 2023 12:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

About your presenters:

Romana Trusinová profile image
Romana Trusinová
Head of Research @Heureka Group

Romana is a UX researcher, responsible for the research team at Heureka Group. She loves two things about doing research: Helping teams find focus by turning complex problems into clear opportunities and the satisfaction you get from helping teams understand everyone’s needs to build great products.

Michal Pour profile image
Michal Pour
Product Manager @Heureka Group

Michal is an experienced product manager devoted to his craft and can’t imagine designing any product without regular interactions with its users. He loves product discovery and uses a bunch of different discovery techniques. Currently, he works for Heureka Group, where he helps millions of people shop smarter.

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