Roundtable discussion: Localisation 101 – A step-by-step guide to process optimisation

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Yanina Andrieieva

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How does localisation help a business grow and what are the risks of an inefficient process? What’s the best way to identify pain points in the current process for different teams and how do you visualise its flow and weak points? And what is the impact when you create a new optimised process that solves existing problems? Get ready to discuss all this (and more) with Yanina.

How do roundtable discussions work?

  • Every roundtable discussion includes 5 active participants and a moderator to run the discussion.
  • Each participant will prepare a question about the chosen topic to discuss. Please come prepared with a question and be prepared to discuss the questions other participants ask.
  • The roundtable discussion lasts a total of 40 minutes, including:
    • 5 MINUTES: A quick introduction from each participant about who you are and what you do.
    • 35 MINUTES: Interactive discussions about each question (7 minutes per question).
  • Other conference attendees are welcome to quietly watch the roundtable discussion. There will always be 30 chairs set up for an audience.

Don’t worry if you run out of time! Feel free to continue talking with other participants after the official roundtable discussion ends.

April 19, 2023 1:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Café Breakout Room

About your presenter:

Yanina Andrieieva profile image
Yanina Andrieieva
Middle UX Writer @GR8 Tech

For Yanina, UX writing has always been about combining the two things she loves doing the most in her life — writing and helping people. And that includes improving processes such as localization, to make the work efficient and the product better. Her focus on localization is also not surprising — after all, this UX writer regularly creates texts in three languages at the same time.

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