Streaming app UX and the challenge of designing for Africa

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Daniel Valčík

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Showmax is a video subscription app operating in Africa, designed and built by a team in the Czech Republic. In this talk, Daniel will explore how everything — from building features to solution design to development processes — is influenced by designing for an African audience. He’ll look at practical examples of how European and African context differs, the impact this has on product design choices, and how the team overcame obstacles to design user-centred experiences.

April 20, 2023 1:20 pm
Session duration:
20 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

About your presenter:

Daniel Valčík profile image
Daniel Valčík
Design Team Lead @Showmax

Daniel has been leading the Showmax Design Team for the past three years, designing for the African audience and overcoming local challenges, often drawing on his six-year experience in Angola. Despite an unstructured environment with multiple platform-specific design universes, he successfully implemented a design system created in collaboration with his international design team. Daniel’s creative mind shines through his AI-supported artwork - take a look at his portfolio on Instagram (@dnl8lnb). He has an extensive background in fintech, banking, and e-commerce industries and has contributed to various projects, including his involvement with SpaceKnow.

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