The future of distributed apps without boilerplate code

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Roman Schejbal

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Building modern applications today requires tremendous knowledge of cloud computing technologies and the landscape. Development is getting more and more complex with things like load balancers, service meshes, k8s, and others. In this talk, Roman will shed some light on one new cool kid in town that abstracts away these concepts (or removes the need for them completely) as it builds on top of WASM and NATS. Just like virtual machines abstract specific hardware elements and containers abstract away from a Linux environment, wasmCloud abstracts the specific capabilities you use to build your applications.

April 19, 2023 12:00 pm
Session duration:
20 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

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Roman Schejbal profile image
Roman Schejbal
Software Engineer in the fintech industry

Roman is a full-stack software engineer specialising in front-end technologies, highly experienced in agile development and extreme programming. Some of his latest work consists of building a GraphQL server in Rust and consulting in the fintech industry. Being a polyglot helps him design complex systems, the right way. During his career, he’s helped build fully universal online stores for high-profile companies like Tesco and ASOS. He also enjoys coaching developers, quick prototyping, and has a passion for problem-solving. In his free time, you can find him researching machine learning and game development, organising ReScript meetups, or mentoring at ReactGirls.

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