To be or not to be……successful in CX transformation?

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Anouk Vastert

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This is a non-technical story about customer experience transformation. If your company really wants to deliver a perfect customer experience, you need to start with elements that help remove organisational silos.Unfortunately, most teams still work in silos on individual CX touchpoint improvements. So, how can you change that and what’s needed to succeed within your own digital role and working together with other functions? Both require thorough change management, with targets and KPIs measuring progress and results. Yes, CX change is measurable!

April 19, 2023 11:00 am
Session duration:
40 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

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Anouk Vastert profile image
Anouk Vastert
Global Customer Experience Advisor @SAP

After 15 years in various global roles with Philips, Anouk joined SAP in April 2020 as a customer experience advisor. She works intensively with SAP’s largest global accounts, partnering with customers to define their CX Vision 2025 plans and brand experience principles. She helps them execute experience maturity assessments and end-to-end customer journey mapping. Anouk is an expert in company-wide customer experience transformations and change management, guiding companies from inside-out product and process focus to outside-in customer focus.

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