Unleashing your inner improviser: You know the theory of building products — here’s the reality.

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Běla Beránková
Kristýna Marková

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Having a solid plan can make all the difference to the success of a project — but what if constraints don’t allow you to form one? We all know that even the most well-crafted plans can fall apart due to unexpected challenges — especially when you find yourself working on one of the biggest projects the company has ever tackled.

In this talk, Kristýna and Běla will take you through the challenges and uncertainty they faced while building a new product, forming a design team, and incorporating research as a daily part of Wrike’s processes for the first time.

April 19, 2023 3:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

About your presenters:

Běla Beránková profile image
Běla Beránková
UX Research Manager @Wrike

Growing up, Běla repeatedly heard that she'd only be good at criticising people. So she became a UX researcher and now tells people what's wrong with their designs. All day long! For money! As a side job, she also builds UX research teams and has previously worked at MONETA Money Bank. Currently, you can find her using her skills at Wrike.

Kristýna Marková profile image
Kristýna Marková
Product Design Manager @Wrike

Kristýna is a product design manager at Wrike, where she explores the future of project management tools and tackles the challenges of cross-team collaboration. She previously led the Product Discovery team at Avast Software, shaping product strategy for companies like AT&T and Verizon. Kristýna is also a mentor for Google for Startups, a business/design consultant for tech startups, and an ADPList mentor.

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