AI text generators – are they a threat or benefit for content writers?

Presented by:
Vladana Bačová

Talk focus:


Talk details:

In her talk, Vladana will dive into the world of AI text generators and their effect on content writing. She’ll showcase the top tools, the most mind-blowing use cases, and show you how AI-generated prompts can save you time and effort. She’ll even provide examples of generated texts for you to see for yourself. Lastly, Vladana will give you a sneak peek into the future of human and AI collaboration in content creation, and share her predictions on what that might look like.

My program: clientside
April 19, 2023 4:00 pm
Session duration:
40 minutes
Lucerna Cinema

About your presenter:

Vladana Bačová profile image
Vladana Bačová
Founder & CEO @Pretty Much Nomads

Vladana is a content marketer with over eight years of experience. She’s the first certified UX writer in the Czech Republic, the founder of the content planning app Contesaur, and also loves motorbikes, travel, and horror films. At her agency Pretty Much Nomads, she interconnects UX and content marketing, providing texts in both Czech and English to software companies.

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