Emotional Design in the Age of Automation

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Hadar Maximov

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What feelings come up if your work performance system tells you – “buddy, you need to step up,” or if your dating app shows you the perfect match, but all you can think is, “Whattt, no way!!!”
Would you rely on or doubt technology that makes critical decisions in your life, like health, work, education, and love?
As AI continues to ramp up in every facet of life, we, as UX designers, must consider the emotional impact of the technology we design.

This talk will review the guidelines for designing AI-driven systems.
How to map emotions and translate them into features
And how to make our user’s interactions meaningful, trustworthy, and even pleasurable.


The WebExpo program will be confirmed before the conference, including details for this talk.

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Hadar Maximov profile image
Hadar Maximov
Head of UX

Hadar Maximov is Head of UX and Design at retrain.ai, a Responsible AI-driven Talent Intelligence Platform. She led various projects and teams within the technology ecosystem, including IoT, healthcare, and telecom. Hadar also mentors product designers and managers toward the next step in their careers. Oh, and she's a big Marvel fan.

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