How to make sure your system doesn’t blow (up)

Presented by:
Ondřej Čermák

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Make it work, make it better, make it faster! At least, that’s what you promise yourself. Unfortunately, you don’t always get to the “faster” part. But when the occasion arises, do you actually know how to deliver? In this talk, Ondřej will walk you through the journey of making microservices faster, so they can withstand thousands of requests per second. Together, you will learn how to tackle the challenges that appear, overcome them, and what tools are best suited for this job.

Session duration:
20 minutes
April 19, 2023 1:20 pm
Lucerna Cinema

About your presenter:

Ondřej Čermák profile image
Ondřej Čermák
Sport Betting Team Lead @BetSys

Ondřej is a team lead at Betsys, which provides software to make all betting dreams a reality. He’s worked in web and app development for almost 15 years in different positions across sales, project management, and software development and architecture. At Betsys, he's in charge of architecting and developing backend systems focused on sport betting. Outside of work, he is passionate about investing and economics.

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