Mentor hour

Presented by:
Karel Dytrych
Roman Kučera
Jan Murin

Talk focus:


Talk details:

Meet the minds behind the successful projects/companies and get advice from people who’ve done it all before. Mentors’ hours connect WebExpo attendees with established experts to help solve problems, get new ideas, and much more.

Our mentors are happy to help with:

Karel: #SaaS #ProjectManagement #ProductManagement

Roman: #Data #Analytics #ProductManagement #Algorithms #Performance #ScalingUp

Jan: #UX #ProductDesign #DesignProcess #Discovery #DesignTeam

My program: clientside
April 20, 2023 12:40 pm
Session duration:
1 hour 20 minutes
Lucerna Passage

About your presenters:

Karel Dytrych profile image
Karel Dytrych
Captain @Freelo

Karel simplifies other people’s businesses. With Freelo, his goal is to simplify how people work. Karel has always enjoyed talking about business, values, and life, so he started his own podcast. He’s also one of the organisers of SaaSkaři meetups. Besides work, he loves sports, travelling, and a healthy lifestyle. He likes experimenting with new things.

Roman Kučera profile image
Roman Kučera
CTO @Ataccama

Roman is passionate about anything related to data processing. As the CTO of Ataccama, he focuses mostly on building the best product to help customers understand and improve the quality of their data so they can use it to improve the world. To do his job well requires betting on the right technological trends and building the right team to tackle all the challenges along the way. Roman also provides 1:1 mentoring as a member of the Femme Palette network.

Jan Murin profile image
Jan Murin
Lead Product Designer @LMC

Jan is the design lead for Czech job boards at LMC. With his experience and insights, Jan is an excellent resource on various design topics and team development in diverse backgrounds. He will share his experiences from agency and product environments and how they impact the design process. He can also discuss working and developing a team in these two diverse settings.

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