Shape Up Development Process

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Jan Korbel

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If you are a developer or manage developers (or products), you know this scenario: You think of a feature you want to add, write the specification, and estimate the time needed. And then, you watch it get delayed. Shape Up is a development methodology from 37signals, written by now ex-employee Ryan Singer, that tries to solve this problem (spoiler alert: It works!). In this talk, Jan will share the gist of it and Fakturoid’s two years of experience working with it.

April 19, 2023 1:20 pm
Session duration:
20 minutes
Marble Hall

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Jan Korbel profile image
Jan Korbel
Co-founder @Fakturoid

Jan learned HTML around 1995 and started out using table layouts to get that 1px border and CSS to define fonts. He even remembers the release of FrontPage 1.0. After co-founding a small web studio, he realised that websites were boring and web applications were way more exciting. That’s when he teamed up with Lukáš Konarovský and started building Fakturoid, which they released to the world on Christmas Eve in 2009.

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