Train ML model in the cloud (GCP), run on the Edge (JavaScript)

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Ivan Kutil

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Use the nearly limitless power of Google Cloud for training your machine learning (ML) models without any previous data scientist experience. The secret is that you need just the right data. In this talk, Ivan will show you how Cloud AutoML provides the best network architecture and how to use exported models directly in JavaScript with Tensorflow.js, even in offline mode.

April 19, 2023 1:00 pm
Session duration:
20 minutes
Marble Hall

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Ivan Kutil profile image
Ivan Kutil
Co-founder & CTO @AppSatori

Ivan's role is to know something about everything in Google's technological stack and then innovate in this space, rapidly prototyping new ideas to prove a concept's feasibility. He is a co-founder of AppSatori, a Google Cloud partner, focused on professional services with Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. In 2013, he became an official Google Developer Expert and was recently named a Google Cloud Champion Innovator. Ivan loves science and books.

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