What we learned about product design from 300,000 kids and their teachers

Presented by:
Michal Hudeček

Talk focus:


Talk details:

In this talk, Michal will summarise the key product design insights he’s learned while working on Levebee, an edtech app for children. Packed with practical examples and real-life stories, Michal will share what has worked for Levebee, what mistakes have been made, the traps that have been avoided, and the challenges that still haven’t been cracked. He’ll also show you how you can apply these lessons to your projects as well.

Session duration:
40 minutes
April 20, 2023 10:00 am
Marble Hall

About your presenter:

Michal Hudeček profile image
Michal Hudeček
CEO @Levebee

Michal is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in online business. His background is a combination of deep technical and marketing knowledge. He is the CEO of the learning app Levebee, which more than 300,000 children have used to improve their reading, writing, maths, and language skills. The app is made with love for kids with special education needs and different native languages.

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