Why local-first software fixes everything

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Daniel Steigerwald

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These are the main problems with modern client-server web applications:

  • No privacy
  • Users don’t own their data and it’s in constant danger
  • Apps require internet connection to work and need an email or another authentication process
  • Centralised servers ruin all the fun
  • DX is terrible
  • Client-server is slow

Yes, it’s really that bad. For stupid simple CRUD (create, read, update and delete), developers have to write tons of code and turn a simple app into a SaaS business. Come join this talk to find out how local-first software fixes all of it.


The WebExpo program will be confirmed before the conference, including details for this talk.

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Daniel Steigerwald profile image
Daniel Steigerwald
Evolu Creator

Daniel is a software engineer, consultant, and web developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He has 10 years of experience as an open-source developer and also considers himself a Bitcoin praxeologist.

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