Digital strategy

“What is the digital strategy? How is this done? And what can we spoil? Real cases, real data, real jerk ...”

Business Hall 30 min


  • What is it about?

    Jan: The more and more customers long to have their brand's digital strategy. The more and more marketers and agencies want to create brand digital strategies. But what does it actually means, what does the strategy include and what errors can the strategy creation cause? The look at making of the digital strategy, the guidebook of some selected shit, and an adequate bunch of numbers.

  • What will the visitors get from it?

    Jan: We'll fill those white spots up on the digital marketing map to proudly write on them "Hic sunt leones!".

  • For whom it is?

    Jan: For everyone who appreciates the wide and the strategic view of the internet communication.

  • What do I presently work at?

    Jan: By slightly over-time job I'm involved at the MEDIA FACTORY in providing the continuous online marketing services, at the highest possible quality, and to move a step ahead with each new project.

  • Which of my existing achievements do I value the most?

    Jan: At the web development agency we've launched a creative and marketing division which skimmed the cream with exceptional, successful and interesting projects. And, before all, I've managed to put together the whole team of wonderful and talented beautiful people, with whom I create really fantastic stuff sometime.

  • What would I like to achieve?

    Jan: Since the time I could reach the doorknob I'm setting my goals high, just to not often figuring out the new ones.

  • What do I look forward to at the WebExpo?

    Jan: I'm looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.

Jan Javornický

Communication Strategist MEDIA FACTORY