Free Workshop: MongoDB Atlas App Services & Realm Web SDK

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Maxime Beugnet

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Workshop summary

In this workshop, you’ll discover the MongoDB Atlas Data Platform and create a website connected to the data in your MongoDB cluster with the support of the Atlas App Services and the Realm Web SDK. You’ll have plenty of time to create your first free forever MongoDB Cluster, populate some data samples and then work on the website with the HTML & Javascript code provided. Beginner friendly!

What will the attendees learn?

Attendees will learn about MongoDB in general and they will also discover the MongoDB Developer Data Platform.

Who is the workshop for?

All kind of developers.

What are the attendee requirements?

You must have a computer.

April 19, 2023 4:00 pm
Session duration:
1 hour 55 minutes
Café Breakout Room

About your presenter:

Maxime Beugnet profile image
Maxime Beugnet
Senior Developer Advocate @MongoDB

Maxime has worked with MongoDB for the past eight years and been in the IT industry for over a decade. He is a MongoDB and Java trainer with DEV and DBA MongoDB certifications. Maxime joined MongoDB as a developer advocate five years ago to share his experience with the community. He loves clean code, scuba diving, code challenges, and Vikings!

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