How to Become a Staff+ Engineer – Podcast Live

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Robin Pokorný

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In this live recording of the Productboard Engineering Leadership Podcast, a group of experienced guests will share their insights on how to become a staff+ engineer. They will discuss the skills and traits needed for this role, including technical expertise, leadership, and communication skills.

The panellists will share their own journeys, as well as their advice for engineers looking to advance in their careers. This session is for anyone seeking to understand the path to becoming a staff+ engineer.

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My program: clientside
April 20, 2023 11:00 am
Session duration:
40 minutes
Café Breakout Room

About your presenter:

Robin Pokorný profile image
Robin Pokorný
Sr Staff Engineer @Productboard

Robin is a senior staff engineer at Productboard. He started with CSS during the Responsive revolution, moved to React just when it dropped, and now designs evolvable domain-driven systems. As a tech lead, he specialises in education, coordination, and ensuring system coherence through communication. Robin also organises several meetups — he’s the co-founder of and runs React Berlin.

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