Jesse James Garrett Chief Creative Officer, Adaptive Path

  • Design for Engagement

    “Because users want to be engaged by products and services, designers need to understand modes of engagement and how to create it.”

Nick Fisher Director Web Engineering, SoundCloud

Christina Wodtke Chief Instigator, Wodtke Consulting

Ron J Williams Co-Founder, Knodes

Michal Bachman Principal Consultant, GraphAware

Richard Fridrich Product Designer, Centrum Holdings

Barbara Bermes Senior Architect, Mobile Web & Performance, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Steve Corona Head of Platform API, Life360

Lukas Fittl Lean Practitioner & Entrepreneur, Spark59

Václav Muchna CEO & Co-founder, Y Soft Corporation

  • Y Soft global story

    “Designed by Y Soft in the Czech Republic, assembled by Y Soft in the Czech Republic. Sold in 80+ countries ;-)”