Jesse James Garrett Chief Creative Officer, Adaptive Path

  • Design for Engagement

    “Because users want to be engaged by products and services, designers need to understand modes of engagement and how to create it.”

Oli Shaw Strategic Design Principal / Creative Director , Consultant

Carlo Frinolli Creative Director/UX Designer, nois3

Vincent van Scherpenseel UX Designer / Founder, dotBlue

Lukáš Plíhal Web Narrator, Freelance

Petr Štědrý UX Designer and Product Manager, GoodData

Michal Hudeček Managing Director, Maintop Businesses

Wolf Becvar COO, HotGloo

Dominika Potuzakova Design Engineer, Technology University Eindhoven

Adam Fendrych UX Designer, Česká televize

  • Fake Your Research

    “Learn the dirtiest tricks to skew the results of your user research (and how to avoid them if you fight for the Light side)”