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Posts by Cassie Evans

Premium Workshop: Elevate your UI with GSAP

Well-executed animation and interaction can really elevate a website, whether it’s just adding a bit of personality or providing visual hints and lessening cognitive load for users. In this workshop, we will dive into GSAP, covering foundational aspects, crafting micro-interactions and UI transitions, and providing insights into writing efficient and scalable animation code. All concepts […]

Premium Workshop: How to think like a performance engineer

A lot of things can make a website slow, and every website is different, but one thing remains constant—the way you solve the problem. In this workshop, Harry will take a look at attitudes, approaches, tooling, and workflows to help you think like a performance engineer. Whether you’re debugging TTFB or layout shifts, LCP, or […]

Premium Workshop: Making complex systems easy to use — State of UX 2024

How do we manage complex challenges of complex, corporate, enterprise, B2B UX in healthcare, financial systems, monitoring systems, public services, and education? How do we deal with hundreds of nested filters, customizable dashboards, multi-step forms, and sophisticated data grids — and perhaps even make it all work on mobile? Get ready to dive deep into […]

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