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Conference Talk

Session focus

  • Data
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Research
  • Service Design & CX



May 30, 2024 4:00 pm


30 min


Lucerna Cinema

Session details

During his talk, Jan will present the results of a research study that maps the online customer purchase experience in Czech websites across all major e-commerce categories. This study examines the purchasing process journey of 12 major and mid-sized e-shops – from adding items to the cart to unpacking the order — derived from over 400 hours of research work, including 60 qualitative tests, user diaries, and subsequent quantitative verification. Where do people encounter the most significant challenges? Is a one-step or multi-step cart better? Does the adage “simpler is better” hold true? And is it worth examining how Alza does it? Jan will provide fresh (2024) data based on real purchases made by actual customers to answer all these questions and more.

For questions and further discussion find the speaker in the Speaker’s Corner at 4:50 pm on Thursday, May 30.

Meet your presenter

Jan Junek

Lead Designer

Proof & Reason

Connect with Jan

Jan serves as the lead designer at the acclaimed customer experience agency Proof & Reason. With an extensive portfolio, he has collaborated with notable clients, including Generali, E.On, SAPELI, ArtMaster, and Hartmann. His design leadership at Proof & Reason has consistently garnered recognition, including multiple WebTop100 awards – "The Best B2C Website" in 2017, "The Most Effective Project" in 2020, and "The Best Large E-commerce Project" in 2022. In addition to his design work, Jan is an entrepreneur who successfully launched and exited two coffee love brands. Currently, he resides in the picturesque Šumava mountains, where he is diligently restoring a 200-year-old house. His captivating journey has attracted over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

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