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A Prague guide for WebExpo photo people

While WebExpo is, without a doubt, the cultural epicentre of the region with practical talks, workshops, and parties, believe it or not, there’s more to Prague than the conference itself. The city has seriously awesome sights outside of the conference walls, and all within close range of Lucerna Palace, home of WebExpo.

As the resident pixel person of the WebExpo team, I come to write this post as someone who’s into pixels of all kinds. My love for photography hopefully exceeds my love for marketing tracking pixels and this is when Prague is well worth a trip. For any out-of-towners (like me) who are keen to take a snap, or just a stroll, read on.

10 minutes from WebExpo: What’s in close walking distance?

Be sure to check out app.traveltime.com – A really cool tool to measure what’s nearby, in terms of walking, driving and public transport.

With WebExpo’s rich 16-year history, one would assume Prague has naturally arranged its landmarks around the conference. This makes for some great walking opportunities if you insist on seeing more than your hotel and the official program.

As an Aussie living in the Czech Republic, something I personally love is paying attention to the little things. From the iron metalwork on the buildings (all of them – Australia’s now managed by Ikea), the plaques on the side of the streets, the public art, to statues with historical references. As well as the big things like a 600-year-old clock that’s so impressive the Prague Councillors who commissioned it, blinded clock-builder Master Hanuš so he wouldn’t be able to make another one. I guess that’s why we have patents now? What’s really funny horrible about this is his blindness had other consequences, like not being able to repair the thing for 100 years. I guess that’s why we have documentation?

The National Museum is just a stone’s throw from WebExpo, and if you can spare a day (or at least half a day), I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is AMAZING. From primitive fire technology to modern augmented reality, extinct animals, rare gemstones, the history of the Czech Republic, and a seemingly infinite number of rooms to explore…It left me feeling smaller than usual.

P.S. If this sounds cool, make sure you see Adam Cironis in his WebExpo talk. He’s Head of Information Systems and Digitisation at the National Museum, talking all about Augmented Reality (AR).

Within 10 minutes walk, you can pick any direction outwards and see from Wenceslas Square, the National Theatre, to the epic Prague astronomical clock, attached to the Old Town Hall, in the Old Town Square… In Prague Old Town. I tend to ramble, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Keep scrolling and find a few of my snaps of the beautiful city of Prague.

What’s to see near WebExpo?

All the pictures below are linked to Google Maps, along with GPS cords. If you’re keen to hit the streets, I’d suggest you:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Create a New List (call it “WebExpo Conference is the best”, maybe make it public for SEO 🙂 )
  3. Click on the Google Maps links below that you like
  4. Click “Save’ and add to your new list

Go on!

Under 5 minutes

Statue of Saint Wenceslas overlooking Wenceslas Square.

Statue of Saint Wenceslas (50.079472, 14.430229) – Open in Google Maps

The National Museum under wild blue sky.

Blue Hour over the National Museum (50.080087, 14.429317) – Open in Google Maps

Praha hlavní nádraží, the largest railway station in Prague.

Prague Main Railway Station at dusk (50.079168, 14.433220) – Open in Google Maps

The Lucerna Palace Passage in quiet times.

The Passage of Lucerna Palace (50.081090, 14.425929) – Open in Google Maps

Franciscan Gardens, established 14th century - a place to relax, read a book or catch up with friends

Franciscan Gardens (50.081992, 14.423939) – Open in Google Maps

Under 15 minutes walk

Looking East down Celetná in Staré Město

Looking East down Celetná in Staré Město (50.087194445, 14.425722221667) – Open in Google Maps

Clouds behind the Church of Our Lady before Týn

Prague Old Town Visitor Centre (50.0868469, 14.4208297) – Open in Google Maps

The 600 Year Old Prague Astronomical Clock

The 600-Year-Old Prague Astronomical Clock (50.086878296667, 14.420680106667) – Open in Google Maps

Gardens at the edge of the Old Town Square at sunset

Garden on the edge of Old Town Square (50.087592, 14.420691) – Open in Google Maps

Night time reflections at the National Theatre after some rain

Reflections at the National Theatre (50.080907, 14.414337) – Open in Google Maps

15 to 45 minutes walk

Bridge of Legions under pink sky at sunset

Bridge of Legions (50.081824, 14.412883) – Open in Google Maps

View of Charles Bridge at night from Petřín

Charles Bridge at night from Petřín (50.083379, 14.397703) – Open in Google Maps

Stairs of Prague Castle at dusk

City Hall stairs (50.088857, 14.397446) – Open in Google Maps

Bridge of Legions at night, looking through to the National Theatre

National Theatre from Legions Bridge (50.081396, 14.410314) – Open in Google Maps

Looking South from Letna Park

Looking South from Letná (50.095768, 14.426535) – Open in Google Maps

On the Čertovka, or Devil’s Canal, at night

The Devil’s Canal (50.085208, 14.407652) – Open in Google Maps

Moon rise over Prague from Letna Park

Moonrise from Letná (50.09446752, 14.417935123333) – Open in Google Maps

The 'conversational' Dancing House

Dancing House at night (50.074244, 14.410052) – Open in Google Maps

Morning myst over Prague from the steps to the Castle

Sun and light lined up (50.089467, 14.399058) – Open in Google Maps

Overlooking Charles Bridge to the city skyline of Prague on the far hill

Long shot from Letná (50.093634, 14.408931) – Open in Google Maps

Views of Vinohrady

Sunset from Vinohrady (50.074134, 14.439294) – Open in Google Maps

Steps down to the river from Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad vantage point (50.064915, 14.416691) – Open in Google Maps

Dining boats on the river

Dining boats on the Vltava River (50.075763, 14.412477) – Open in Google Maps

Thanks! So, What next?

There’s obviously only one thing left to do… Get yourself a ticket right now.

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