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Genius mind behind Strange Planet

The #1 New York Times bestselling author, creator of Strange Planet and storyteller Nathan W. Pyle will open WebExpo 2024 as our keynote speaker. Let’s take a look at some of his impressive work.

Cute blue beings

Have you ever thought about what human experiences could possibly feel like to beings who are not from our planet? That’s exactly what Nathan’s webcomic Strange Planet is about; a strange planet that feels familiar to ours with blue beings exploring the absurdities of daily life using funny technical language and being quite honest with their emotions.

The idea of creating these cute blue beings occurred to Nathan when he moved in together with his wife to a tiny apartment in New York City in 2018. As Nathan claims his wife and their life situations have been an inspiration for many of his comics.

The first year Nathan made one new comic every day and became a viral sensation quite quickly. 

Strange Planet TV Series (2023)

As a next step to his webcomic Strange Planet Nathan started collaborating with Dan Harmon, the creator of sitcoms Rick and Morty and Community, and together with their team, they successfully brought Strange Planet to life as a TV series in August 2023 on Apple TV+.

Instagram phenomenon

These days as a result of blending humour, art and profound insights Nathan’s Instagram counts down to 6.5 million followers with audiences in and out of the United States. His work is not only on Instagram, though. He has published 4 books – Strange Planet, Stranger Planet, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, and 99 Stories I Could Tell. 

Merch, merch, merch

And for T-shirt lovers, Nathan also creates merch with the best of Strange Planet with Threadles.com. Not only is this a great example of repurposing artistic work (or ‘content’), but it demonstrates savvy commercialisation in practice. Building a brand which allows fans to share their love for original art is pretty special.

Get excited about taking an excursion to the world of Strange Planet and other funny comics Nathan has created and don’t forget to join his session to unveil the secret behind his endless creative designs that resonate with crowds.

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