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Martin Splitt and Making friends with the Googlebot

Amongst his many talents, Martin Splitt is a technical SEO specialist and came to WebExpo to get us up to date with the new evergreen Googleboot. He allows us to get up close and personal with the process of getting your site indexed from start to finish with plenty of tips and actionable information along […]

UX writers, don’t try to be cool

This was originally posted on medium.com. Kinneret Yifrah is a leading UX writer in her native country of Israel and founder of microcopy studio Nemala. She has also written Microcopy — The Complete Guide of which several thousand copies have sold in over 40 countries worldwide. In the interview, Kinneret reveals the story of her […]

WebExpo helped shape who I am today

This was originally posted on medium.com. Talks can really charge you up — as a result, a lot of ideas and projects are created from them. That’s exactly what happened to Adam Marčan, who said yes to the project Naučmese (Let’s learn) during WebExpo. He just needed to meet the right person in the right […]

The Architecture of Understanding – Peter Morville

This was originally posted on medium.com. Information architecture and UX guru Peter Morville will give his talk The Architecture of Understanding. You probably know him as the author of “the polar bear book”, which was published last year by O’Reilly Media in a fourth edition as Information Architecture: For The Web And Beyond. Do you […]

Design systems in difficult places – Mark Boulton

This was originally posted on medium.com. As hard as illustrators and photographers may wish, text is still the primary medium of the web. So, until voice-user interfaces become predominant, designers and typographers, like Mark Boulton, will be needed. When web browsers and “surfing” were just starting out, the fonts used could be counted on one […]

7 Books To Move You Forward

This was originally posted on medium.com. Need something to read while you’re on the beach or in the garden? We recommend these seven books written by speakers from WebExpo 2016. 1. Get Ready For CSS Grid Layout, Rachel Andrew Working with CSS and layout elements on the page? Ever asked yourself how something as simple […]

The Right Layout Tool for the Job – CSS with Rachel Andrew

This was originally posted on medium.com. Have you ever started a side job, which ended up taking over your entire professional life in a few years? This is exactly how Rachel Andrew become a great developer. When she had to leave her job at a theater due to her maternal duties, she started earning extra […]

Refactoring CSS Without Losing Your Mind – Harry Roberts

This was originally posted on medium.com. Ladies and gentleman, let’s give a welcome to a bona fide magician. Front-end architect and full-time CSS consulting wizard, Harry Roberts! You might have a scar by your eye, be named Harry, and be a rising star on the web conference scene worldwide. But only Harry Roberts can truly […]

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