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Supporting the next-gen of web-devs, designers and founders

Studies show that learning about coding, web development, design, and technology from a young age can give children valuable skills that will benefit their future careers and personal lives. But WebExpo Kids is more than that; we know that keeping the kids happy means happy parents too!

Having a spot dedicated to keeping kids entertained means that you get to be able to enjoy the WebExpo conference to its fullest. Did you know that with every ticket to WebExpo purchased, you get a second adult entrance to the children’s area and partners’ booths for free, meaning you, your partner and your children are all able to enjoy WebExpo where you can network and learn from our superb (even if we do say so ourselves) program of speakers and industry leaders.

Along with our partner, Apify, we have put together a jam-packed program of events we are excited about sharing with the next generation of tech experts!

The lineup

First up is our Ozobot workshop, which is perfect for the youngest children from five years. In this workshop, kids will learn how to draw a path for their very own Ozobots, including basic commands and the basics of programming with OzoBlocks.

For those from six years, our Programming Lego Boost workshop is the perfect fit. Here, we’ll not only be building robots with Lego Boost, but we’ll also make them move with the help of motors and sensors controlled by simple commands.

The Scratch programming workshop is perfect for kids six and up. In this workshop, children will have the opportunity to create animations and simple games using block programming.

Last but not least, our 3D printing workshop is perfect for those who are nine and up (although it’s definitely not just for kids!). Our expert, Tomáš, will explain everything there is to know about 3D printing – from how a 3D printer looks and works to how to create a printable model and finally print it. Plus, Tomáš has a special surprise in store – he’ll show you how to make a “real” robotic arm out of cardboard!

Alongside our kid’s workshops, we have The Parents’ Coffee Lounge, which is the perfect hang-out for parents with babies and toddlers. There’s also the play space with our very own au pairs from Sto skupin to entertain children from 2 years while you attend talks. You’ll also find space for food heating, changing facilities, as well as a more private area perfect for feeding.

You can see the full WebExpo kids program here.

What’s on from our partners?

If that’s not enough, many of our partners are planning some fun children’s activities at their booths that they are looking forward to sharing with you. For example, Livesport has managed to get together some fun games and puzzles (totally not just for the kids!). Showmax will have, amongst other things, a mini user testing activity and Wrike will be coming along with colouring books and origami to keep the gang happy, oh!, and don’t forget to stop by Mews for a go on their claw machine!

WebExpo Kids was created with the aim of sparking curiosity among the kids, which in turn, makes for happy parents. So why not take advantage of our free plus one parent ticket offer and bring the whole family to WebExpo to enjoy a day of learning, networking, and family fun?

To enquire about getting your FREE parent ticket, drop us an email at info@webexpo.net to get access or come to the info point during the conference.


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