Decide about the decisions of others

Petr Kosnar

UX Hall, sat 24th sep 11:00
30 min., cs › en

decision making, judgment, psychology, user-centered design, behaviour in uncertainty

How many times have you made a decision today? Was it your own decision, or somebody else’s recommendation? Are you sure that "your own" decision was not influenced by the way how the question was posed? What were the options to choose from? What have you done, seen and heard before you decided?

Decision making is always influenced by many circumstances. If you – as a designer – understand decision-making processes in human mind, you are able to predict or even influence the final decision of your users.

Are they going to order from your e-shop? Are they rather going to chose a cheaper or better quality item? Are they going to change the default settings? Using a website holds series of decisions, some are small, some major.

This lecture introduces the topic of decision making especially to those who never came across this part of psychology. There will be several ways of handling the decision-making demonstrated. The theoretical background as well as the practical application of these techniques in a web design will be shown. You will get introduced that decision-making processes are often explored in a great detail and described as a topic that deserves an attention.


Petr Kosnar


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