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Conference Talk

Session focus

  • WebExpo Kids



May 30, 2024 4:00 pm


90 min


WebExpo Kids

Session details

Workshop: During the 3D printing workshop (not only for children), Tomáš will explain what 3D printing is, how a 3D printer looks like and how it works. Tomáš will also show how to create a printable model and finally print it. Tomáš prepared for you one more cool thing – he will show you how to make a “real” robotic arm out of cardboard. Required age: 9+

Kids’ Corner: If your children are two years or older, they can hang out in our play space with our very own on-site au pairs while you attend talks.

The Parents’ Coffee Lounge: The perfect hang-out spot for parents with babies and toddlers to rest and have a chat over a cup of coffee. There will be changing facilities and a microwave ready to use.

WebExpo Tip: Every WebExpo ticket comes with a second free adult entrance to the kids’ and partners’ areas, so you can bring the whole family! You can pick up your Parent/Family member badge at any Info Points (the free ticket is not valid for the conference sessions).

Meet your presenters

Tomáš Kapler

Generative AI Engineer


Connect with Tomáš

Tomáš Kapler is well-known to the public, especially for the CoroVent ventilator project, which he founded and managed at the beginning of the pandemic. He is helping people and companies understand, how they can use artificial intelligence, especially gen AI, for their personal and business growth. Tomáš is also a big fan of 3D technologies and modern scientific education of children, for example, he works at the Education Office of the European Space Agency.

Au Pairs

Kids' Corner

Sto skupin

Connect with Au

Kind and qualified au pairs from Sto skupin.

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