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Crack the networking code

WebExpo is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay updated with the latest trends in web development, design, product management, online marketing, business and AI. Another most appreciated aspect of WebExpo is the countless opportunities to network with 1,600 professionals from all over the world. 

Networking may feel a little overwhelming and awkward, especially if it’s your first time. No matter if you are coming to WebExpo with your team or alone, whether you are a social butterfly or a little shy, check out our 7 tips to make new connections with ease!

1. It’s not a Pokémon game

When it comes to networking you don’t have to catch them all. Ask yourself what you want to get out of this event, and what your goal is. Do you want to collect as many business cards as possible or make meaningful connections

2. Research, set, connect

Being well prepared is half of the success. Take some time before the conference to browse the speakers’ lineup and program, join the LinkedIn event and see who else is going, or post on your social media that you are coming to @WebExpo Conference to see who from your circles is in. 

And the following steps will help you to set the stage for confidence and self-assurance:

Polish your LinkedIn profile and update information on your website or any other channel you plan to share.

➡ Fill in your profile in our conference app Eventee and start networking ahead of the conference. This option will be available closer to the conference.

➡ Practice elevator pitch to confidently and briefly introduce yourself and what you do.  

➡ Think of some possible conversational topics or icebreaker questions.

3. Networker’s mindset

You can’t make a first impression twice. There is no official dress code at WebExpo, but we recommend to wear something that makes you feel confident. Put a smile on your face, make eye contact and proactively seek opportunities or the other lone wolves you could join. Most likely other people feel the same way you do about networking. So, if you make the first move, you help them while also helping yourself. Tune into your inner networker and see every interaction as an opportunity, show genuine interest and ask curious questions.

4. Let’s test it!

D-Day is here! You’ve come this far, which means you are ready! 💪 Take it as a challenge. Put yourself out there and approach the speaker you admire after their talk in the Speakers’ Corner, discuss hard-hitting topics in Discomfort Zone, have a chat with a mentor over a cup of coffee, meet and mingle in Lucerna Gallery, talk to the person sitting next to you and don’t miss the legendary parties.

5. Have you met…?

One of the best ways to meet new people is through other people. Spot a familiar face? Say hi and join them. Know someone who knows someone you want to meet? Ask them to introduce you. In any case, remember the Pac-Man rule: when standing in a group, always leave the circle open for one more person to feel encouraged to join the group.

6. Social media power

Use social media before, during, and after the conference to increase your visibility within the network, connect with attendees, share insights and engage with us and the community by tagging @WebExpo or using the official hashtag #webexpo.

7. Take it easy and recharge

Networking can be exhausting, especially if you are an introvert. Know your limits and make sure to take care of yourself. Have a break in the relax zone, get fresh air or pamper yourself with a massage right at the conference.

First and foremost, remember, that everyone else is at the conference to learn and meet people, just like you. It might be a step out of your comfort zone, but if you are authentic, follow our tips, and keep an open mindset, it can’t go wrong. And you can always talk your friends into joining you at WebExpo. 🙂

💡 Bonus tip: The WebExpo team is excited to get to know you, too, so don’t hesitate to approach us. Meeting the organisers also counts as one of the valuable connections that open doors to future opportunities.

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